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BOAT OF SOULS is a 2D adventure game inspired by real world environments and legends from the Polynesian islands. Race through the colorful nighttime waters of the French Polynesian to rescue the souls of those lost at sea.

Game Features

  • Explore the maze of coral below.
  • Collect all the souls and learn about your past.
  • Learn about Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. 
  • Fight monsters with your spirit guardian.

About the Game

This game was developed as part of the DIG4527C: Game Design and Production course at the University of Florida in Fall 2018. During the three months of development, we as a team have spent countless hours extensively researching French Polynesian and Tahitian ecosystems, culture, and religion to bring the most accurate and respectful representation that we can. We hope that you as the players enjoy the experience in playing our game as much as we have in creating it.

For comments, concerns, or bug reports, feel free to email us at boatofsouls@gmail.com with your message.

Install instructions

The zip file features both a Windows and a Mac build.

  1. Select either the Windows or Mac versions to download.
  2. For Mac, unzip the file
    1. Open up the build within the folder "Mac_BoatOfSouls"
  3. For Windows, unzip the file.
    1. Open the build within the folder "BOATOFSOULS.exe"

If the file does not open because of a security pop up from your computer's firewalls, please select "run anyway." 


Windows Version 181 MB
Mac Version 186 MB


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Cool stuff here! While the gameplay is a little lacking in terms of control, mostly aim, it's always really awesome to see devs dig into generally untouched cultures and religions for inspiration for their games. Not another Greek, Roman or Norse fanfic, but a genuine look at the traditions of another culture. So, great work on that front!

Glad you enjoyed our game! You got the pronunciations pretty close. This was my (Allison) first game I've ever programmed, so I'm hoping to expand the attack feature to be less linear and more omni-directional.  Actually, it's the first thing I've ever really programmed! I'm definitely considering looking into adding mouse aiming instead of spacebar. 

I probably should have also added a pronunciation guide into the game as well. Definitely something I'll include in the next update. And yes, you were stolen as a "fetus." The statues give you a health +1 along with a proverb that I found translations from Hawaiian into English. The souls give you full health back. 

If I get time, I'm thinking about adding a second level. I'll also hopefully be redesigning the current map with larger space in mind to allow more flexibility.